Election equipment

The election equipment should ensure good accessibility for all voters and should be designed in a way that allows all voters to cast their votes in free, secret and direct elections.

The election equipment consists of a polling booth and a ballot box that all voters should be able to use. In addition, there are signs that are made up of different components that can be used to provide voters with information and give directions inside and outside the polling station. The municipalities will also have access to templates that can be printed.


"Design and democracy" was the theme of the Government’s 2008 design tender. The objective of the tender was to develop holistic, functional and appealing physical frameworks related to voting. The tender was awarded to Blueroom Designstudio, Kadabra Produktdesign and Innovativoli Industridesign for the "Blanke Ark" design.

The solution was tested in selected municipalities during the 2009 Storting (Norwegian Parliamentary) election, and the feedback from both voters and election officials was good. After this, the designers collaborated with the Directorate of Elections on improving and developing the solution.


The election equipment has won prizes and gained attention in Norway and internationally. In March 2010, the designers and the Directorate of Elections won, among other things, the "Design for all/Inclusive Design" prize from Norsk Designråd (the Norwegian Design Council). In 2011, this concept was one of the finalists for the Innovation Award for Universal Design in the graphic design category.